Indian Wedding Photographic Trends

Beginning from using ancient photographic reels to the latest clicking of digital photos, photography has made through all the years. With the newest trends all over social media, along with technology advancements is leaving no exception. This crazy trend has witnessed enormous appreciation from many couples who will be tying the knot. Couples will also actively search for DSLR rent near me. Photography is one of the most important parts of Indian Weddings. People spend a fortune on their wedding photography alone. If you or one of your close relatives or friends is getting then here are some fun ideas you can try with the wedding photographer.

Black and White Photography

Known for being the most artistic of all shots, black and white photography is always the best option. With the right kind of lighting and the right angles, you can make the best of memories with this shot. Slowly, the increasing comeback of black and white photography has hit the social media trends so hard that every couple in 2019 wants at least a few pictures in black and white. Black and white pictures have their own ways of expressing their beauty and elegance in the form of well-distributed greys.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

Yet another trend where the couples travel to photogenic destinations to click fairy tale-like pictures.  If you want to cut down the cost you can ask DSLR rent near me. The pre-wedding photoshoot is one major ritual as it makes the entire wedding seem like a dream. That is not all, as it gives the feel of the brides’ wishes as a girl to come true. Locations like beaches, colorful gardens, historical places of interest and locations famous for romance are becoming more and more famous for pre-wedding photoshoots.


Underwater Photography

Yes, you read that right. The grace hidden in underwater photography has made it both – a trend and challenging art. With the increasing need for innovation, underwater photography has slowly marked its entrance into the wedding photography trends.

Other Upcoming Trends

Along with the above-mentioned smoke bomb photography, dramatic photography and candid photography is going viral. Drone shoot pictures and multiple drone footages are also an upcoming trend in all the multiple wedding functions.

Starting from using the old-school Polaroid cameras to the use of the latest DSLR rent near me. and smartphone cameras, wedding photography has undergone an incredible transformation. Since it has now become a compulsory trend, it is equally important to be unique and creative. You should always keep in mind to never overdo it.