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Despite being a complex and time-consuming task, Lead Generation is one of the prime goals of marketing. Since its launch, it has produced millionaires, still only 10% of marketers believe that their lead generation campaign is effective.

Below are some effective tips to boost your lead generation campaign and build a strong business pipeline:

  • Employ relevant statistics

Accurate data is the key to interact with your potential customer, so use it to reach the right person at the right time.

  • Use tracking tools

To get your return on investment tracking use traceable channels that attracts your leads.

Google Analytics and Sales force Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software assist you to analyze website traffic and track your potential customer leads. Hub Spot, an inbound marketing and distribution platform, offers all these tools in one

  • Emphasis on quality rather than quantity

That sounds obvious but is often neglected. It’s always suggested to focus on quality of stuff rather than quantity. So, besides wasting time on hopeless leads, focus on customers who have high purchasing possibilities for your product or services.

  • Have an Evaluation Structure for Prospects

Set a criterion to define who qualifies as a prospect and what more needs to be done to move that prospect to the next level. Maintain your leads and guide your potential customers with relevant information to turn them down in the sale funnel. Stream your activities in the short and long run to create a rolling pipeline.

  • Keep a check on your competition

Keep an eye on what your contenders are doing. Whether they have launched a new product or updated the website, you should know.

This sort of knowledge will not only assist in keeping you ahead of your competitors, but also to sustain in market in long run as continue updating according to novel trends.

  • Take risk

Risk is a major part of any business so never step back to build new relationships with big or discount buyers.

  • Set your goals

Make sure you have a list of the organizations, you wish to work with. Then make your strategy accordingly.

  • Be rigid sometime

Don’t hesitate to shut out a prospect. Do not renew the contract, if you do not believe the relationship will work.

  • Structure Your Commission Scheme


If you have a commission scheme, structure it to illustrate the efforts required to secure new businesses and manage existing accounts.

  • Use social media

Social media not only increase brand awareness and interaction with customers, but also for strengthen the sales pipeline, if used correctly. Share effective blog content, publish links and offer discounts to drive traffic on your website and build a loyal following through social media.

  • Facilitate ease


Create compelling home page and add catchy call to action, so that visitors can easily grab it and place the order, they are supposed to. Focus on sign-up strategy. Use forms to collect your leads’ records in your database through a link on the landing page.

  • Apply automated E-mail marketing

Since always, e-mails are an effective and cost-effective way to enhance business. Send exciting & exclusive offers with functional information. Don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link.


These few basic tips can make a big difference.

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